Episode 3

Published on:

2nd Apr 2021

Diversity Is Not Enough

On this week’s episode of The Score, hosts Paige, Lee, and Rocky chat about finding hope through music in these troubled times. They reflect on recent events here in Minneapolis and the blessed relief of MN Opera’s recent MNiatures program. Next, they discuss the responsibility of opera makers and opera lovers alike to join the movement to #StopAsianHate. Then they tackle the question of how to safely and authentically invite BIPOC artists into predominantly white spaces. Diversity is a great first step, but is it effective without either equity or inclusion? And finally, as always, get your weekend off to the best start with a moment of Pure Black Joy… this time with puppets! 'Cuz everybody loves puppets!!!

Hosts: Lee Bynum, Rocky Jones, Paige Reynolds

Producer: Rocky Jones


Recent Events in MPLS - 01:02

Reflecting on MNiatures - 23:10

#StopAsianHate - 42:03

Supporting BIPOC Artists - 54:08

PB&J - 1:29:25


Watch MN Opera's MNiatures - https://mnopera.org/mniatures-tiny-operas-big-ideas/

Yes 4 Minneapolis - https://yes4minneapolis.org/

Free Bystander Intervention Training - https://www.ihollaback.org/bystanderintervention/

Opera Philadelphia Channel - https://www.operaphila.org/whats-on/2020-2021/

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