Episode 6

Published on:

14th May 2021

Fire That Canon! (w/Pablo Siqueiros)

Hi, Scorekeepers! It's episode 6 of Minnesota Opera's THE SCORE! On this week's ep, Paige, Lee and Rocky are all vaxxed up and just in time it seems for the world to start opening up again. We'll talk about the huge impact this will have on the arts and live performance and, of course, our sanity. Next, we're joined by the lovely and talented Pablo Siqueiros, Associate Director of Public Programs at MN Opera. He'll talk about some of the lessons he's taking away from this crazy year and giving us all some insight into the exciting work coming out of MN Opera's Impact Department in the next few months. Then he joins us for the first installment of the brand new game show, FIRE THAT CANON! We're not sure if you've heard, but some of the more popular pieces in the operatic canon are a bit problematic. We take a look at three operas through the lens of civic dramaturgy and ask can we perform them responsibly or do we need to fire them out of a cannon! And lastly, we've got a PB&J, a little snack of Pure Black Joy for your soul, this week honoring the incomparable Phylicia Rashad, the new Dean of the College of Fine Arts and Howard University!

Hosts: Lee Bynum, Rocky Jones, Paige Reynolds

Guest: Pablo Siqueiros

Producer: Rocky Jones


The Return of Live Performance - 01:05

Interview with Pablo Siqueiros - 23:06

Fire That Canon! - 48:56

PB&J - 1:24:09


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Scott Joplin's Treemonisha - Houston Grand Opera (Youtube)

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