Episode 17

Published on:

18th Oct 2021

Good Art Friends

Hey there, Scorekeepers! It's episode 17 of your favorite podcast, THE SCORE! This week, Lee is away, so we invited back our dear friend, Frankie Charles, for a spirited, freewheeling convo all about artistic freedom by way of NYT's messy "Bad Art Friend" saga, Dave Chappelle's transphobia, and, naturally, problematic operas (0:05:14). Then Paige takes center stage with a fascinating look into the process of creating MN Opera's land acknowledgement and what land stewardship can look like at an opera company beyond a written statement (0:38:20). And then it's PB&J time! This week we feature The Bachelorette's Michelle Young, Million Artist Movement, and... wild turkeys (1:17:05)? Let's do it to it, y'all!

Hosts: Frankie Charles, Rocky Jones, Paige Reynolds

Producer: Rocky Jones


Videodokumentation zur Sun Dance Opera [by Zitkala Sa](YouTube)

"The Forest at Dawn" by Juantio Becenti (YouTube)

"Who Is the Bad Art Friend?" (New York Times)

"Dave Chappelle's Brittle Ego" (New York Times)

MN Opera Land Acknowledgement (Website)

Friends of the Mississippi River (Website)

Million Artist Movement (Website)

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