Episode 19

Published on:

22nd Nov 2021

Swaddled in Blackness (w/T. Mychael Rambo)

Greetings, Scorekeepers! We're back back back again with episode 19 of THE SCORE and today we are honored to be joined by living legend and Twin Cities icon, T. MYCHAEL RAMBO (0:24:20)! Star of stage and screen, singer, activist, educator, the list goes on and on. Join us for a funny, entertaining and at times poignant chat about his illustrious career, what he feels makes the arts scene here in Minnesota so special, and what audiences, artists, and institutions can do to better support artists and kids of the Global Majority. We also touch on some of the things we missed these last few weeks. Fun stuff like Halloween (0:00:28)! Not so fun stuff like the election (0:07:34). And really cool stuff like an inclusive new production of Beauty and the Beast at Maryland's Olney Theatre Center (0:18:11)! And finally, as always we'll start your week off with some Pure Black Joy (1:14:31). This week: Judge Tanya Chutkan, Mustafa Briggs, and another one of Rocky's messy Bachelorette recaps, which are now apparently a thing. Let's do it to it, y'all!

Hosts: Lee Bynum, Rocky Jones, Paige Reynolds

Guest: T. Mychael Rambo

Producer: Rocky Jones

(Also, please note that Sagittarius season is coming up, and Paige and Rocky need to go be in their full power, so we won't have any new episodes this December. But don't worry, we'll have something special on the store for you! Stay tuned!)



"Take an Exclusive First Look at Beauty and the Beast at the Olney Theatre Center" (Playbill)

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