Episode 58

Published on:

28th Jun 2023

The Final Score (w/3rd Annual Juneteenth Panel)

Hello, all you wonderful, gorgeous Scorekeepers! It's a momentous and bittersweet day here at THE SCORE HQ. After 2 years, 3 seasons, 58 episodes, a murderers' row of amazing guests and countless engrossing conversations, it's our last episode. BUT! It won't be the last you hear from the three of us, because we haven't been cancelled. Far from it! We can't spill all the details yet, but this fall we'll be embarking on a ridiculously exciting brand new podcasting adventure and we can't wait to share all the details with you! But until then, we are so happy to go out on one of our favorite notes, our 3rd annual Juneteenth panel, moderated by our very own Dr. Lee Bynum! This year, we're talking about the intersection of Blackness and arts education with panelists Queen Herawin (Hip Hop Education Center), John Lucas (Step Into the Light), Curtis Stewart (American Composers Orchestra) and Dacia Washington (Lincoln Center). All that, plus one last PBJ to carry you through the summer! We love you all so much and thank you for your support these last few years. It means more to us than you know. Now... let's do to it!

Oh, and don't unsubscribe from this channel! We'll be back periodically throughout the summer with more details about where to come find us this fall! We can't wait to share this news with you, btw. It's BIG!!!

Hosts: Lee Bynum, Rocky Jones, Paige Reynolds (Mabolé Iya Inawale)

Guests: Queen Herawin, John Lucas, Curtis Stewart, Dacia Washington

Producers: Lee Bynum, Rocky Jones



Hip Hop Education Center (Website)

American Composers Orchestra (Website)

Step Into the Light Foundation (Website)


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